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  1. What is the lock picking technique? Here are some tips on the ways to prevent lock bumping.


Lock picking technique, also known as lock bumping, is a popular method used by burglars. It’s been known to be an easy way of breaking into one’s home. This post will examine the ways of preventing lock bumping from occurring to your home.


Lock bumping facts:

According to statistics provided by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) nearly ⅔ of all break-ins occur with no sign of forced entry. Unlocked doors and windows still pose a large security risk, however the lock picking technique is still a popular choice in regards to breaking into someone’s home. Most Locksmiths see these cases on a daily basis, and therefore pose certain tips on how to prevent unwanted guests from entering your home. This technique is popular because one does not necessarily need to break the cylinder in order to enter your home. This technique works when little pressure is applied to a key, therefore it results in the lock becoming accessible. Most times a key is not necessary, some criminals just use screwdrivers or hammers in order to apply that pressure which ends up opening the lock.



*Burglars can gain access to your home within minutes by using this technique.

*More than 90% of Americans have old style cylinder locks on their doors, which is vulnerable concerning lock bumping.

*95% of hardware stores like Home Depot, that sell brand new locks, are also vulnerable to lock bumping.

*Little skill is required for key bumping

*No evidence of forced entry or damage when this technique is used.

*One can purchase a key bumping set for as little as $15.00


How does it work?

Bump keys almost work like a master key that is able to gain access into all types of locks; because of the mechanics of pin tumbler locks, that don’t require a distinct key. Bumping literally entails playing or changing the mechanics of the key, which can be done very simply. As you can see the image on the right shows various keys that have patterned or textured bumps, these bumps can be manipulated to fit into the lock, and therefore, gain access to any lock. They are able to be manipulated when the key is entered into the lock, one just needs to tap the key and the pins inside the lock will move, resulting in the door opening.


Bumping a lock –

In order to bump a lock, the key is entered into the lock and is lightly tapped with a hammer in order for the pins to lift. It’s a very simple procedure that requires little to no skill. One inserts a random key, applies pressure to the key, and the pins simply lift. Once the pins lift, one is able to turn the key and the lock opens.



Why should this be of any concern?


Considering we have given you the basics in order to understand how easy it is to break into someone’s home – watch this clip from CBS channel 5 news to preview how hasty one can use the bump key method to enter a home.