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This is the section where we will frequently list news related to the locksmith and share some security tips which are practical.

What’s the lock picking technique?

The following are some tips on how you can prevent the lock picking technique.

This technique can also be called lock bumping, and it is a common method which burglars make use of. It has been known as a seamless way someone can break into a home. In this post, we will examine ways you can prevent the occurrence of lock bumping to your house.


Facts about lock bumping

According to stats which was made available by the NCPC (National Crime Prevention Council), about 2 out of 3 of every break-in happen without any signal of an entry that was forced. Unlocked windows and doors still has an enormous amount of security risk. Nevertheless, lock bumping is still a common choice when it comes to breaking into the house of someone. Almost all locksmiths witness these kinds of cases every day, thereby making them give some specific tips on how one can prevent these burglars from coming into your house. With this technique, only a little pressure is required to be applied to a key for it to work, thereby making the lock become accessible. In most cases, there is no necessity of a key; some criminals just make use of hammers or screwdrivers to apply the pressure that eventually opens the lock.



  • A key bumping set can be purchased for as low as $15
  • There is no evidence of damage or forced entry when a criminal use this technique
  • Just little skill is needed for key bumping
  • 95% of stores which sell hardware products, such as Home Depot, which sells new locks can also be lock bumped
  • Over 90% of Americans make use of old-style cylinder locks on all their doors, and these locks are vulnerable to lock bumping
  • Criminals can have access to one’s house in minutes by making use of this technique


How does it work?

The function is quite similar to that of a master key, which can be used to get access to several kinds of locks. Because of pin tumbler locks mechanics, they do not need any distinct key. Literally, bumping has to do with changing or playing the key’s mechanics, and it can easily be done. The bumps on keys can be manipulated when the bump key is placed inside a lock, the person is only required to tap the key, and this will make the pins in the lock move, and this will result in the opening of the door.


Bumping a lock

To bump a lock, just put the key inside the lock then lightly tap it with a hammer in order for the pins to lift. This procedure is straightforward, and it needs no or little special skill. An individual puts in a random key, then apply pressure to it, thereby making the pins shift. As soon as the pins lift, the individual will have the ability to turn the key, resulting in the opening of the lock.

Although a number of federal and state laws totally prohibit distributing locksmith devices to individuals who have no license to make use of locksmith products or maybe have a legal business(es), several individuals still get these products illegitimately or via some random websites.

One other important part of lock bumping is literally the factor of home insurance. Considering there’s no or little visible evidence of a burglary, it is prone to issues when it has to do with house insurance claims. In the past, several insurance companies have declined to pay legit insurance claims.


Vulnerable Locks

These are locks that are considered to be the one purchased from local hardware chains or hardware stores like Lowe’s or the Home Depot. Because these locks are produced in mass, they are deficient in the strong security part of locks, which are made more professionally. The major problem with locks that are produced in mass is that they’re all produced in a similar way, thereby making them not to be unique and can be duplicated easily. Manufacturers of professional locks like Kaba, Assa, and Medeco made their own type of locks that are bump-resistant. These types of locks are packed with strong security cylinders, mostly with a UL 437 or a similar rating that are hard to manipulate or pick at. A number of companies have even started making use of patented sidebar mechanics in their cylinders, which makes it tough for someone to use this bumping key procedure on it.

One other technique which can be used to avoid the lock picking technique is the shallow drilling. This denotes that one or even more of the pin stacks is slightly drilled more shallow compared to the rest; this is a simple technique, which makes it more time consuming and challenging for criminals to open your lock.


Preventing lock bumping

There’s no way one can predict situations of emergency; nevertheless, there steps one can follow to avoid them. We have some ways one can follow to prevent lock bumping to ensure your business or home is more secure. One simple way in which one can secure one’s door is by the installation of chain latches to the exterior doors. This does not change the susceptibility of your lock to bumping, but it makes provision for more layers of security, and also helps in preventing burglars from coming into your house.

Modifying the deadbolts and lock you make use of now is one cost-effective way you can use in making your locks more secure. Licensed locksmiths have the ability to induce modifications simply by including security pins to the current cylinder locks to increase their resistance to bump keys. This method is an alternate one that is cost-effective compared to changing your locks.

One other option is for you to install new locks that have high security, like the deadbeat that is put on the exterior doors alongside door reinforcements and a common-sense frame. These deadbolts have high-security, which makes them extremely difficult, but not impossible to be manipulated. Making use of these high-security locks will make lock bumping take more time, instead of happening instantly. This company, BiLock, provides a lock whose sidebars are programmable and doesn’t have top lines, and this gives these locks no access to bumping, and almost impossible to bump or pick at. You can be advised by your local locksmith on the best lock of high security that you can make use of for your issue.

One other alternative is by the installation of non-tumbler locks like electronic/magnetic locks, or rotating disc locks. An electronic lock can not be lock bumped due to the fact that it makes use of electronic currents to run its locking mechanism. The electronic locks make use of motors, solenoids, or magnets for the activation of the locks by removing or supplying power. One can also connect the electronic locks to an access control system, thereby increasing the strength of its security.



Lock bumping is seriously threatening, even though windows and doors which aren’t locked also pose a more significant security risk, according to statistics. Reach out to a local licensed locksmith in order to get an estimated cost lock of high security or some other alternative to locks that are safer and have low vulnerability to lock bumping. Not every security systems are pricey, and this is the reason it is advisable you surf our site to get yourself a locksmith in your neighborhood who can provide you the right estimation and also guide you through several solutions for you to have a secure home.

Tips on office security

Threats with regards to office security can be both electronic and physical. This tips page is packed with advice which can assist you in increasing the security in the environment you work.

Need a piece of advice to help? Reach out to us on the phone, and one of our reps will be ready to help you.

Security in the office should be something that should be much concerned about in a business. It is always advisable that you hire a local locksmith or a security consultant who’ll do an in-depth inspection of your office to ensure that there is no availability of weak spots in the security of your office. The consultant or locksmith will also provide a clear plan which will show how you can upgrade the security system of your office.


Surveillance Systems

There’s a wide array of advanced electronic devices to make sure that your office security is of the highest security. The electronic tools which are more common are the access control systems and the closed-circuit surveillance systems. There’s the availability of CCTV cameras in white and black, but the displays of modern CCTV cameras contain the color of high resolution, and they mostly have sound options also. The more advanced systems give the CCTV admin the ability to track a person or an object, or to zoom in on a particular area.

Using CCTV cameras in office buildings, stores, public spaces has been a widely accepted means of security.

This system is a cheap option for monitoring one’s business or home if you’re not around. CCTV cameras are also necessary for a situation of theft, as the camera makes you able to have recorded evidence, and will also help you with insurance companies and many more.


Security Guards

Apart from cameras, one other option is you hiring a security guard. Almost all security guards have top-notch communication skills and are fully equipped in cases of difficult circumstances. The guards normally sit either at the front desk of the comply where they work, or if it is a bigger building, they just patrol everywhere. There are several types of security guards who have different qualifications.

When you hire a security guard(s), it creates a more secure environment for the customers and the employers. They are always alert in case they notice any activity which is suspicious.

One mandatory part for the position of security guards is safety training. In cases of emergency, the security guards are aware of what they are to do to makes sure the safety of the customers and employees in that environment are guaranteed.

It is necessary to be aware that most individuals are to be trained on how they’re to behave anytime there is a dangerous situation. If new security systems are installed in a company, they are to invite a consultant who will give the instructions to the employees on what and how they can do to improve the safety of themselves and everyone.


Data Protection

Apart from physical breaches, they should take unique measures to protect your office electronically. The data you store in your computer will likely be very sensitive, and anyone who tampers with that sensitivity will likely be detrimental to someone’s business.

To make sure there are electronic safety and data security, the rules that follow should apply:

  • Every work stations are required to be adequately guarded against access from unauthorized personnel, which denotes that all computers are required to have a strong password with combinations of numbers and alphabets. You shouldn’t make use of personal letters or numbers,  or birthdays.
  • Computers in the office should be protected using antivirus software, which is updated and is suitable to provide security on a corporate level.
  • Specific caution should be taken while making use of media that are removable in computers in the offices. A recent study States that, media which are removable like USB memory sticks are part of the major sources for viruses for malware.
  • WiFi or the internet should be protected using a firewall mechanism.

Anytime you access the internet; your info becomes vulnerable in the circuit. You’re required to ensure that they have a firewall that can act as a gatekeeper to make sure there’s security and also prevent access to data on your laptop or computer.

There are two varieties of firewalls, which are the hardware and software. Hardware firewalls can be used to protect the whole network of computers. DLink and Linksys are inexpensive hardware that can be used for small offices, and HP and CISCO produce firewalls for bigger spaces. Software firewalls can ne installed easily, but it can only secure a single computer.

  • Every data must always be backed up to a secure and remote location.
  • Ensure that the firewalls, antivirus software, and some other software programs are upgraded routinely.
  • Aside from computer and laptop securities, one thing that is also crucial is key security. Do not leave your keys on the doors. Do not duplicate your keys, so if you lose your office keys, always let the management be aware. Make use of a locked cash safe or drawer. Lock cash safes or drawers prior to you leaving your office.

When it has to do with security, no angle or place of the location of your business must be left without supervision. Always ensure that the sensitive items in your office and your office itself are kept secure.